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Support Portal

As part of our effort to increase our after sales support capability, please login to our following Support Page :

What can you get ?

We provide a customized Support Portal, that allows you and your team to get after sales support for all the products / services that we provided to you before, including a Knowledge Base on Frequently Asked Questions


Ticketing System

We implement Ticketing System to allow our team member to managed your Support Request in timely manner and managed our Service Legal Agreement in a more professional manner.


Service Hours

Please note that our Standard Service Level Agreement are as follows :

  1. Monday to Friday - 09:00 - 18:00, Response Time within 30-60 minutes.

  2. Monday to Friday 18:00 - 00:00, Response Time within 60-120 minutes.

  3. Saturday to Sunday, Response Time within 60 - 180 minutes.

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